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Tour de France (Normandie - Picard)

10/11th September

Location: Etretat
Course: Golf d'Etretat
Hotel: Hotel Dormy House

12th September

Location: Nampont Saint Martin
Course: Les Sygnes Golf
Hotel: Hotel Les Terrasses (Fort Mahon Plage)

13th September

Location: Fort Mahon Plage
Course: Golf de Belle Dune
Hotel: Hotel Les Terrasses

14th September

Location: ?
Course: Golf du Touquet
Hotel: ?

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About GIGA

Three good reasons why

Once upon a time after a wonderful round of golf in rainy Portugal two guys have had these certain thoughts. They came up with this idea that it would be nice to play golf at the most beautiful places in the world along with the friendliest people around - all on a regular basis. Shortly later in October 2013 the Granusil International Golf Association (GIGA) was founded.

  • Nice people

    Play golf with the most interesting people around

  • Beautiful places

    Play golf at the most beautiful spots
    in the world

  • Golf, Golf, Golf

    Repeat doing this on a yearly basis. Now you know why.

Principal Supporters

Support plays a major role in the success of our event.

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Contact info

Mr. Ulf Schaller
Mobile: +49 (0)162 / 241 80 42
Email: ulf@giga-tour.eu